Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery

We care for you, inside and outside

The care and health of our body has gained in importance over the last decade and at HOSPITEN we are aware of society’s need to feel good inside and out.
HOSPITEN now offers you their Plastic, Reconstructive and Esthetic Surgery to perfect your image – inside and out.
HOSPITEN guarantees you absolute safety with the top professionals to give you information and advice so that you undergo surgery in the best conditions.
We offer you a wide range of services to cover all your needs to improve your image and help you feel better about your appearance.
Many things are only seen from the outside, the passing of time, physical debilitation, and the long term effects of accidents, injuries, scars, and so on.
There are other things that, although not a problem for our health, affect us in some ways, such as those things related to the acceptance of our own image and being happy with our physical appearance. We can correct these problems in order to feel better about ourselves and our physical appearance. To make the right diagnosis and to provide the most suitable treatment, HOSPITEN has at your disposal the best specialists in Plastic and Esthetic Surgery, with the most advanced technology and the guarantee of the HOSPITEN Group.

See all the services and complementary checks

  • Cirugía cráneo-maxilo-facial
    • Cirugía de malformaciones congénitas de la cara
    • Cirugía de traumatismos cráneo - máxilo - faciales
  • Cirugía estética
    • Cirugía de la nariz
    • Cirugía de las orejas
    • Cirugía de la mama
      • Aumento
      • Reducción
      • Mastopexia
    • Cirugía del contorno corporal
      • Abdominoplastias
      • Liposucción
    • Cirugía del envejecimiento
      • Lifting
      • Párpados
      • Peeling
      • Toxina Botulínica
  • Cirugía plástica y reparadora

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