Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine provides integral care for the sick adult, both through outpatients’ consultations where special plans are drawn up to control cardiovascular and endocrine-related risk factors, for preventive and integral medical check-ups, in addition to being responsible for the overall care of patients admitted to our centers with complicated multiple problems or infectious diseases, whilst working in coordination with other specialists.


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  • Integral care for all the patient’s health problems, whether as an inpatient or outpatient. Mainly patients whose diagnosis is unclear or those with various pathologies
  • Treatment of common illnesses
  • Coordination of the treatment of patients whose condition is complex or multiple
  • Specifically:
  • Consultation on vascular risk factors: high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking and others
  • Consultation on infectious diseases
  • Common endocrine disorders: Diabetes, thyroid disorders and obesity
  • Preventive and integral medical check-ups

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