Hospiten commemorates World Hug Day

Monday 22 January 2018

Under the slogan 'A hug makes us strong', the health group wants to highlight the importance of this gesture for its direct benefits in physical and emotional health

Hospiten, once again, under the slogan "A hug makes us strong", has wanted to join the commemoration of World Hug Day, which is held on January 21, for its direct benefits for people’s physical and emotional health.

The company wants to institutionalize this celebration, since this gesture is part of the health group's own identity. In the company’s logo, through a circle in two different colors, the abstraction of a hug between Hospiten and the patient is represented.

On the other hand, several studies conclude that the benefits of hugs go beyond emotions and directly influence the health of patients, since physical contact plays a very important role in stimulating the development and survival of neurons, being able to prevent and reduce some diseases, both physical and emotional.

In addition, hugs raise the levels of serotonin, known as "happiness hormone"; they increase the production of white blood cells, which strengthens the immune system (defenses against diseases); they balance the nervous system, helping to release tension and relax the muscles; and they lower blood pressure and stimulate the oxygen level in the blood.

Hospiten wanted to support this initiative in order to generalize the importance of a hug and encourage and enhance positive emotions internally and externally, as well as favoring the feeling of belonging with respect to one’s own identity.

In this sense, their recommendation is that on World Hug Day people give and receive hugs, because in addition to generating happiness, they are positive for our body.